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Banking, Finance and Insurance

Leadco is on the leading edge of banking and finance law with a highly experienced team of lawyers providing legal counsel to a number of domestic and international financial institutions, including high-profile global banks. We routinely advise banking clients on virtually all matters associated with their operations, licensing, credit transactions, compliance with Vietnamese law, and other matters.

Leadco frequently advises clients in the insurance industry, in the areas of regulatory compliance, labour laws, corporate governance and internal policies.  We review and draft operations manuals, corporate policies, etc.  For many clients, Leadco essentially acts as general legal counsel providing advice, legal research and opinions, translation, and drafting of documents in all aspects of the clients’ business and operations.

Specific areas of our services in this practice area include the following:

  • Banking and credit products;
  • Asset-Backed Finance & Securitisation;
  • Derivatives and structured finance;
  • Secured lending transactions;
  • Commercial paper and electronic transactions;
  • Internal policies, customer matters, and regulatory compliance issues;
  • Advising and drafting documents on financing, letters of credit, credit and collateral support;
  • Private equity, stock options;
  • Public project and infrastructure financing;
  • Real estate and construction financing;
  • Capital markets transactions including corporate and sovereign bonds underwriting and securitizations;
  • Distressed debts settlement;
  • Financial restructuring and insolvency; and
  • Banking and financial litigations and insurance claim resolutions.

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